Distracted Driving Prevention


Stop Your Employees from

Texting While Driving

FleetMode is a comprehensive management suite designed to stop employees from texting while driving. The three part fleet management system utilizes a safe driving app, a small Bluetooth device, and a management portal to keep your drivers safe. Fleet safety is our priority.

Our Mission

End workplace accidents from Distracted Driving, once and for all.

Where Fleet Management Meets Fleet Safety

Did you know that cell phone use while driving is one of the leading causes of vehicular accidents? As we continue to rely more heavily on our phones the risk of texting and driving only increases in the workplace. FleetMode stops your employees from texting while driving by silencing alerts, locking down the keyboard, and providing instant alerts to management for accountability and fleet safety.

Mobile Vehicle Management

FleetMode Features:


Simple Fleet Management System

Locate drivers, generate reports, and stay in contact with your team through fleet-wide text messaging. Monitor cell phone use while driving and offer training through an easy to use portal.


Texting and Driving Protection

Make the road a safer place by silencing your driver’s mobile phone alerts. Everything is automated on a simple set it and forget it safe driving app.


Reduce Your Liability

Establish custom safety policies and record when each member takes the pledge to never text and drive. A comprehensive cell phone policy is the first line of defense for stopping texting and driving.


Cut Operating Cost

FleetMode reduces the number of accidents for your fleet, saving you precious resources and time. On average fleets witnessed between a 30%-43% reduction in their vehicular incident rate.

It Gets Even Better

Introducing the Smart Dot

The United Efficiency SmartDot™ is a Bluetooth Low Energy device that detects vehicle motion, and phone presence to enhance FleetMode. Bluetooth Low Energy technology allows for an extremely long, 3 year battery life. The United Efficiency SmartDot™ automatically blocks the keyboard when the vehicle is in motion, and a total lock down of the phone occurs.

Devices supported: iOS 8 and newer; Android 4.3 jellybean and newer.

Key Features:
  • Uses vehicle motion to detect driving
  • Starts instantaneously
  • Disables keyboard to prevent texting, emailing, web search, etc.
  • 3 year battery life
  • Compatible with iPhone 4s and up
  • Compatible with iPad 3rd gen and up

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